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Interior Painting

We paint lives, not houses!

Interior painting includes all stencils, designer walls, Texture painting, and customized wall painting according to requirements.

We provide complete solution for Interior Painting which includes every single part inside your home right from kitchen to bathroom, staircase to balcony, pooja room to dining hall, bedroom to bathroom etc either for Fresh Painting or Re-Painting work.


Setting Up

It starts with covering furniture – sofa, tables, cabinets, switch boards, other elements like television sets, fans, refrigerators and the floors! All wall hangings to be removed and anything that needs to be protected, will be masked. Furniture to be pulled away from the walls, making it easier to reach out to all corners.

 Tools Used : Plastic Sheets, Newspapers, Masking Tape

Putty Touch up

Putty is a white-cement based compound, applied on dry walls and ceiling, to fill in pores and smoothen the surface. Minor Holes and cracks on the surface will be filled and undulations evened out by touch ups, provided wall condition is overall good. One or two coats of putty application throughout the surface will be required, even in case of re-painting; When using paints with higher sheen to obtain smooth finish. Incase of irregular or repaired surfaces

 Tools Used : Putty Knife


Primers help paint adhere to the surface, and thus improve paint coverage and create uniform appearance in terms of color and sheen. Priming can never be skipped, when using paints with higher sheen(gloss). It is always advisable to use primer, as it increases durability(life) of paint. After primer, the surface has to dry naturally for a day, before painting over.

 Tools Used : Roller , Brush


Paints produce that final finish and color of the surface. Before deciding on the product, end requirements in term soft functionality and appearance, must be considered. Minimum of 2 coats will be applied to achieve durable, consistent layer. Paints that produce a highly smooth finish, may require an additional coat also. Ceiling to be painted first, and then the walls. Surface needs to dry naturally after every coat. Water based paints like Emulsions that are used on walls and ceiling surfaces, dry fast (in 3 – 4 hours).

 Tools Used : Roller , Brush