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We offer Residential & Commercial Painting services

Our expert team of painters makes sure that the exterior walls are painted beautifully and give a positive vibe.


Setting Up : Lets Roll

Starts with removing all light fixtures and other decorative items and covering immovables like air conditioning units and plants if any. In case of large exteriors, scaffolding will be required. A sturdy ladder is always required in the premises during the painting activity. Tools like steel wire brush, garden hose and safety goggles and a mask will always come in handy while painting exteriors.

 Tools Used : Plastic Sheets, Scaffolding, Ladders, Wire Brush, Garden Hose

Surface Preparation : Crack Filling & Sanding

Cracks need to be attended on priority. Cut in along the length of the crack using a knife. Crack Filling compounds are used to fill in the cracks. Surface is then sanded using sandpaper to even out the surface.

 Tools Used : Putty Knife,  Sandpaper

Painting : Finishing Touches

Exterior Paints provide protection from extreme weather conditions that house is subjected to. Minimum of 2 coats will be applied to achieve durable, consistent layer. Though, painting will last for years, it is advisable to regularly clean the surface, for long lasting results. While choosing colors, it is good to consider the color schemes in surroundings as well. The external environment can also affect the overall look of the house.

 Tools Used : Roller , Brush